Easter by Camper in Tuscany at Camping Camaldoli

Caravan at Camping Camaldoli

Area sosta Camping Camaldoli

Spend Easter in Camper in Camping Camaldoli in Tuscany.

Immersed in the National Park of Casentino Forests, we offer the opportunity for all campers to stay with their vehicles just € 5.00 per night, and just € 4.00 for tents + adults price.

During the days of Easter will enable the reception, and the market will be open throughout the camp for everybody. Guests can then enjoy all the 7 hectares of greenery to enjoy outdoor dining and barbecue cook even in the campsite. Our market is supplied fresh meat to be cooked on the grill and all the basic necessities.

Easter will be a really relaxing, tranquility and nature.

In addition, all our guest will be able to use the Camaldoli Card to get many compliments from our every structure in the Casentino:

Locanda dei Baroni – Camaldoli

Ristorante Locanda dei Baroni – Camaldoli

Cafè del Parco – Camaldoli

Ristorante La Brace – Camaldoli

Resort I Tre Baroni – Moggiona di Poppi

Ristorante I Tre Baroni – Moggiona di Poppi

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